About Us

We are Jeff and Angela - a vagabond couple from Reno/Lake Tahoe. We are so lucky that when (we aren't on the road) that Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are our backyard and playground.

Jeff’s a fly-fishing nut.

And Angela is a stand-up paddle-boarding aficionado.

One of our favorite things in the world is our 1974 Toyota Chinook pop-up camper.

Our home on wheels lets us ramble around the U.S. doing the things we love –flyfishing, skiing, stand-up paddle-boarding, mountain biking, cooking by the campfire and generally spending as much time as possible outside and in nature.

We both love photography and to document our travels so we can share them with our friends, family, and other travelers from all over the world.

We've also done a bunch of international travel. In 2013 we traveled 8 months in a full circle around the world! We visited 20 countries and explored something like 85 cities!!

Our trip started in Europe where we rode trains, ate gelato, drank champagne, explored local markets and caused as much trouble as we could.

After Europe we were ready to rough-it a little. So we hopped over to Nepal and then worked our way down India. We made our way from the Himalayas, to desert Bazaars, and finally to the beaches of Southern India. It was beautiful and challenging and we loved every minute!

We spent the next 4 months in South East Asia living the beach bum lifestyle.  Enjoying the pristine beaches and jungles in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia

After learning to cook traditional Thai curries, riding scooters through monkey forests, scuba diving in Raja Ampat and surfing in Bali we thought we would never come home.

But of course after many months we started to itch for some mountain air.  Nothing beats the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe back home. 

In 2015 we tried our hand at “vanlife” in our Chinook. We cruised through the Canadian wilderness and some amazing National Parks in the United States.

After our stint on the road we headed out to Black Rock City for another year at Burning Man!

48 hours after Burning Man we are hopped over the pond to Europe/Morocco for another 4 month backpacking extravaganza. We started our trip in Norway where we explored the famous fjords. Next we sailed around the Croatian Islands. After life at sea we hit the road for the next two months hopping from Slovenia, to Austria, to Germany and ended in with a month in France.

After a very successful trip around Europe we ventured to North Africa to experience Morocco.

So by now I hope you feel like you know us a little bit better! For us being in a foreign place and being immersed into a new culture is rewarding and fun! Add a glass of champagne into the mix and we might just stay a while.