Discovering the best of Dubrovnik

The walled city of Dubrovnik has it all; gorgeous coastlines, a charming old town, and food to die for. This laid back beach town is nicknamed "The Pearl of the Adriatic" and after visiting we know why. Here's a list of our favorite things to do, eat, and drink; in one of the best old towns along the Dalmatian coast.

To Do:

Take a Swim at an Epic Swimming Hole

There is nothing better than an epic swimming hole and especially one in the vivid blue waters surrounding Dubrovnik. There are quaint little beaches and towering cliffs to jump off along the entire coastline.

Tip: To find our favorite swimming hole (pictured below) exit the walled city at the Pile Gate and follow the coast until you reach the next bay. Keep walking along the water until you see a bar with a bamboo roof tucked into the cliffs.


This tiny beach has it all. You could easily spend a whole day here debating what to do next, head to the bar for another Ozujsko (local beer), lay in the sun,  or swim in the ocean. One time here we saw a man snorkel out from the beach and spear a couple octopus for his dinner. Life in the Adriatic doesn't get much better than that!

Walk Around the Wall

One of the touristy, but must-do things in Dubrovnik is walking around the old wall.  The views from the wall give you a great birds eye view of the fortress on the cliffs, and the red rooftops of the city.

Tip: Try to walk the wall early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the crowds and allow yourself a couple hours to stop and take some photos. Don't worry there are stalls that sell drinks and snacks along the way. 

Rent a Kayak on your Own

One of the other best views of Dubrovnik is from the water.  Kayaking around the city wall is a MUST DO in Dubrovnik. We easily rented kayaks on our own at the port outside the Pile Gate.  It was an incredible experience paddling along the massive city walls.

Tip:  Rent a kayak outside of the wall on your own instead of doing a kayak tour. This allows you to go at your own speed. The tours are 3 hours long and the first 30 minutes is a "how to paddle" demo. It only took us 30 minutes to kayak around the wall, and we paid a fraction of the price.

Explore King's Landing

Dubrovnik has received much attention due to the filming of Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik was selected as the main location for "Kings Landing." You will see advertisements for Game of Thrones tours, but with a little internet searching you can create your own tour.

Real life Game of Thrones sets!

Tip: There are 2 Iron Thrones here! One is in a small shop right off the main street, and the other is located on Lokrum Island, only a short 10 minute boat ride away. 

Get lost in the Alleyways

Wandering these marble streets is one of the best parts of Dubrovnik. Once you start getting off of the Stradun (main street) you will find deserted alleyways that you can enjoy at your own pace.

To Eat:

Truffle Pasta

Black truffles are found in Istria which is an area in Northern Croatia.  Because of the abundance of these rare and delectable truffles you will see them featured on dishes in restaurants throughout the area for a reasonable price. We loved walking through the city at night and smelling truffle waft through the air.

Photo by: by  Josip Novosel

Photo by: by Josip Novosel

Our favorite dish was the fresh pasta with langoustine in a truffle cream sauce at Kopun (pictured above). This restaurant is located inside the wall with outdoor seating in the plaza and a menu that focuses on fresh Croatian cuisine.

Address: Poljana Rudera Boskovica 7 (the square in front of Church St. Ignatius)
Phone: + 385 (0)99 / 212 17 51

Mussels and Seafood

The food here is based mostly from the sea. With fresh fish coming in daily almost any seafood is a good choice. For us nothing beats a huge bowl of mussels. Nestled along the city walls in the old harbor is Restaurant Lokanda Peskarya, built in the same place as the old fish market this place serves up delicious seafood in a picturesque setting. 

The white umbrellas of Restaurant Lokanda in the old harbor.

The white umbrellas of Restaurant Lokanda in the old harbor.

One of the best things about Dubrovnik are the incredible bars nestled into the cliffs!

Buza Bar is one the coolest bars we've ever been to. This multi-level bar hangs over the rocks on the outside of the wall.  You can dangle your feet over the edge or jump off the cliffs into the water.  Make sure to grab seats for sunset because this view is as good as it gets.

Address: Crijevićeva ul. 9 (walk around the wall and look for a sign that says "Cold Drinks with a Beautiful View" then follow the signs)
Phone: +385 98 361 934

Tip: Looking for a refreshing drink on a hot day? Try one of Ang's favorites; an Ozujsko Radler (local beer mixed with lemonade). Yum!

We loved our time in Dubrovnik and hope this guide helps you discover some of our favorite spots in this badass medieval town!