Lake Lucerne

      Another lake we visited in Switzerland was Lake Lucerne. Lucerne is a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains with a charming old town, everything you want in a Swiss town. We spent one day relaxing at this humongous park next to the beach. It was packed and reminded us of Dolores Park in San Francisco on a sunny day. Besides picnicking there were frisbees flying, kids walking on slack lines, and the most popular activity kicking a soccer ball around. One of my favorite things we did in Lucerne was go to an open air cinema. Luckily they were playing Argo, and in English. We barley had enough Swiss francs left to buy our tickets to the movie and while I am struggling to get all my coins out of my purse a nice man come up to us and says, "Hey I have two free tickets if you want them." Safe to say we were ecstatic and got to go for free! A big thanks to whoever that guy was. The weather was gorgeous and we sipped on some Swiss beers, sat back and watched the movie with Lake Lucerne in the background. Date night in Switzerland! Lucerne was our last stop in Switzerland, on to Germany.