Koh Tao

The scuba diving island. It is one of the cheapest places in the world to receive your scuba license.  The best part about this island for me was that my sister Jacy and her boyfriend John met us here! After not seeing any of my family members for 5 months I broke down in tears when I first saw my sister.  My sister and I have both had our scuba licenses since were were 13 years old.  We have been looking forward to diving in Koh Tao since we planned this trip.  Jeff signed up to get his scuba license, which is a 3 day course. I was able to go with Jeff on his last few dives which was really fun, the water is warm and clear and there is much to see around the coral reefs. It was a great experience but because the diving is so affordable some of the dive sides get somewhat crowded. But we can’t blame the backpackers who dive in Koh Tao when one dive is only $30. You can’t beat that price anywhere. We are very excited for the end of our trip when we go on a live-aboard scuba dive boat with Angs parents in a remote area of Indonesia called Raja Ampat. We rented stand up paddle boards and also rented scooters to explore Koh Tao.  After Jeff was officially certified we headed off to Railay Beach. The fun in Thailand continues, three more weeks and then off to Bali.