London was the perfect first stop on our European Tour. This bustling metropolis blew us away. It truly is a city that never sleeps. Home to over 8 million people London expressed an interesting power that was felt at all times. All within one city there are buildings from each time period all the way up to its modern buildings making for an interesting skyline of old and new.  This was a really fun city to experience; you can take a modern underground train to the Globe Theatre and catch a play by Shakespeare. It is defiantly a place to experience.  Being one of the most diverse cities in the world we have seen people from all walks of life wandering the streets of London. The food has been an experience in itself.  The streets are filled with English pubs, Italian cafes and Indian restaurants.  London is normally a busy city filled with tourists but yesterday London happened to be hosting the Euro Cup football championship game between two German teams.  This event added at least 60,000 German fans into the city.  The energy the fans brought poured over the city making it a full day party on the streets.  The famous monuments like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Eye were all wonderful to see while blending in with the massive amounts of people, everywhere! Besides visiting all the ancient historic sites within London, some dating back to medieval times, we had the chance leave the city and visit Stonehenge and Bath.  This was a unique opportunity that some may miss if they decide to spend all their time inside the city limits.  Getting a view of the beautiful countryside on our way was a highlight for us.  The rolling green countryside could easily leave you breathless.  Our time spent here has been incredible and we couldn’t have asked for a better first stop.  Cheers to you London; and long live the Queen!