Hike to Joffre Lakes

We stumbled across these lakes while driving from Whistler to Revelstoke. We were hungry and decided to pull over for a picnic, grabbed some food and headed to the first lake.  While eating some snacks we heard a man say to his friends, "Don't spend too long taking pictures here, the other lakes are better." So we went back to the Chinook, put on our hiking boots and took off up the trail to the first lake.

These animal carvings led the way on the trail.

When we got to the first lake we were blown away at the color of the water. With a glacier at one end this little lake was beautiful.

At the third and highest lake we stopped to have some lunch.

We saw at the top of the ridge was a large glacier that flowed down into the lake. We hiked up and filled up our bottles, straight from the source, and the best water of all time.