We knew that towards the end of our Europe trip we would need a place for a few days to fully recharge before heading to Nepal and India. We had five days here which we spent at a really nice hotel called Citizen M. Normally a room is a room and some are better than others but it doesn’t really matter because we are out and about most of the time, but having a really nice place with fluffy towels was much needed. We cruised the downtown area which is touristy and interesting with its famous red light district and slightly looser laws than the United States. The downtown area was slightly creepy but fun to check out, but we spent most of our time closer to our hotel about 10 miles away from downtown. Right by our place were some beautiful parks that were virtually empty, and some fun local outdoor markets. Having a nice room for a few days gave us a chance to relax, watch a movie or two, and send some stuff home! Our packs are now much lighter as we sent most of our clothes home; nothing but summer temperatures for the next 5 months. We recharged ourselves, all our gadgets, and got ready for the next adventure. Two weeks in Spain is all that is left of our 3 months in Europe, sad to see this chapter coming to an end, but we are both excited for Nepal and India. Until next time…

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