Plitvice Lakes National Park

This National park in the mountains of Croatia is a hidden gem.  It is a pretty unique area that has countless cascading waterfalls that seem to flow out of the earth through various vegetation and bamboo.

To explore the park you simply walk along the wooden pathways that weave through the forest along the lakes and waterfalls.

Blending in.

Blending in.

Around every corner more waterfalls flowed into emerald pools.

These wooden paths are narrow. It was a fairly overcast day, also being in late September; the crowds were not bad. We did encounter two large tour groups that were going the opposite direction as us. As one group of about 50 people passed we heard a loud scream and a splash! Turning our heads we saw somebody getting pulled out of the water.

You could easily spend a couple days in this giant park. It was such a beautiful place and so different than the ocean where we spent the last week.