Rovinj is located in the Istria region of Croatia known for it's wine and truffles which are found nearby. It is not as well known as Dubrovnik, which gave it a smaller more local feel. It had everything we look for in a perfect Mediterranean coastal town. If we would have known how amazing this place was we would have booked a week here.

We love the colorful buildings you can find all over Europe.

Located on a peninsula Rovinj's rocky cliff-side is the perfect place to grab a bottle of wine and watch the sun set over the ocean while your feet are in the water.

In Europe more than the United States, groceries are not bought at a store but at a local market. This daily market found here in Rovinj was full of fresh local produce, and is also where they sell some of the rich Istrian truffles!

These cobblestoned streets were beautiful but slightly dangerous, especially in slippery shoes.

An artist sketches the city scape of beautiful Rovinj

A big thanks to Ang's mom, Rhonda; for planning such a wonderful trip. She picked some great places to stay like the gorgeous apartments we stayed at in Rovinj. (Pictured below)

Our last couple hours in Croatia while waiting for our bus to Slovenia. Time spent with some local wine in a cozy corner.