Mosel River


We started our time in the Mosel River area in Koblenz which is the point where the Rhine River and the Mosel River converge. The Mosel River is an offshoot of the "Roaring Rhine," we opted for the Mosel because of its great wines and more mellow atmosphere. From Koblenz we went to Cochem, which is a good central place to stay when exploring this region.

The Mosel River flows down this beautiful landscape with giant vineyards rising on both sides. The steepest vineyard in the world is here in the Mosel, which is 65 degrees! Pretty amazing. We were very lucky to be here right after the fall "crush" so we were able to enjoy some new fresh wines with views of the changing golden fall vines.

The castle overlooking the city, and the beautiful promenade.

The castle overlooking the city, and the beautiful promenade.

We were here for the wine, but when we saw this giant tent being set up in town we quickly learned that it was Oktoberfest here in Cochem! We joined in on the festivities for this smaller and more intimate version of German Oktoberfest.


It was great to see the different colors of the vineyards in fall.

It was great to see the different colors of the vineyards in fall.

The Mosel River is a very slow moving river, next to the river is a bike path which offers great easy riding from town to town. We rented bikes and spent the day riding to "The Sleeping Beauty of the Mosel," a small village called Beilstein.

Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz is one of the best preserved castles in all of Europe. It has remained in tact for over 700 years, avoiding destruction in both World Wars. This castle has been passed down from generation to generation within the Eltz family and the current Count and Countess Eltz still live there today.  Let's just say their home is "slightly" different than ours.

One of the coolest things about this castle is how remote it is.  This was a factor in why it has survived untouched for so long. To get here by train you must hike through the dense forest for over an hour from the station. We didn't mind. It was a perfect fall day. 

How beautiful is this castle!

How beautiful is this castle!

Bernkastle- Kues

Our next overnight stay along the Mosel was in the village of Bernkastle-Kues. The town square (pictured above) was spectacular. We loved taking it easy, enjoying the local wine, and dining on our last German meals.

This very crooked building dates back to 1416, it is right off the town square. Every time we went to buy wine or head off to dinner we got to stroll by this funny building.

We really lucked out here with an amazing top floor apartment right in the middle of this little town. There is always a gap between the photos online when you book a place, compared to reality. This one really exceeded our expectations, and it was cheap! It had everything we needed and some amazing views of the vineyards.

We keep saying it, but the colors of these places we visited during fall were incredible. We saw over 100 miles of this river changing from summer greens to fall yellows and oranges.

People think of wine and maybe think of France and California; Germany is not normally on most peoples wine list. We can tell you that these wines (normally whites) are fantastic, and cheap. If you go to a wine shop just ask to see their Mosel/Moselle wines. The most expensive wines from this area are about $10-15. If you normally drink a fairly dry white wine, look for "Trocken" on the label.