St. Gilgen

It was during this early morning drive to St. Gilgen that we knew having a rental car was the smartest way to travel around this area. The roads meandered through the Bavarian countryside as the fall colors had just started to turn. It was a foggy crisp morning until we turned a large bend in the road and saw the sunlight shining down over St. Gilgen and Wolfgangsee Lake.

This is the small but beautiful Mozartplatz in the center of St. Gilgen.  This small mountain retreat was where Mozart would come to enjoy peace and quiet.

These funny shops sold all your Bavarian style needs! Winter slippers to dirndls and lederhosen.

Jeff hanging off the balcony in our cute hotel.

Jeff hanging off the balcony in our cute hotel.

The next day we went for a drive around the area to see all of the other lakes. We saw many of them but Attersee Lake impressed us the most with its turquoise water. We randomly saw this great dock and a few benches and hopped out of the car. We learned that Gustav Klimt was an artist who had painted many scenes of this lake and its churches. To get the view he wanted he needed to be on the other side of the lake, being a very big lake he would paint as he looked through a telescope. (Last picture is Klimt's paintingof the Church in Unterach on Lake Attersee)

We love our rental car which has been the best way to explore Bavaria.