Our original plan was to take an overnight train from Zurich to Prague but when we arrived in the Zurich train station earlier that morning and tried to reserve seats, they were completely booked. So we went to the information desk and asked what our options were to get to Prague. She told us we could take a long train to Vienna now and then at 4 in the morning jump on an overnight train to Prague but only sit up seats were available, we decided that sounded torturous and asked if there was another option. The other thing the lady came up with was if we took a train to Munich, stayed the night there and then took an early morning train to Prague, now that sounded doable. Our spontaneous trip to Munich was really great. After arriving it didn’t take us long to find a youth hostel because there are usually many right around the train station. After we dropped off our bags we immediately went to one of Munich’s famous beer halls. This one was outside so technically it was a beer garden. It was packed with about 5,000 people all drinking huge mugs of the same beer. They only served one type of beer. We had some great food too and talked to some interesting Germans who were all enjoying a beer in a huge glass mug. They used men in golf carts to bus all the empty mugs. We stayed in the same place taking it all in for a few hours. Once the sun went down we walked to the main square and then headed back to our hostel for a snooze. For only one night in Munich I think we nailed it, we had a great time.

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