Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a tropical paradise know for it’s monthly full moon parties.  Every month on the night of the full moon this little Thai island is jammed packed of backpackers, covered in neon paint and clothes dancing til the sun comes up.  Attending a full moon party is right of passage for any travelers backpacking around South East Asia.  It is a little crazy but unlike anything in the world.  Jeff and I stayed in a cute little bay only accessible by long tail boat.  This beach is a hidden gem and not mentioned in any travel books, we heard about it from my sister who stumbled upon it during her travels here.  This little beach was one of our favorite spots so far on our trip.  It had everything you could want. The full moon party night was a lot of fun, we danced all night, made some fun friends, and danced some more. Dance, swim, dance, swim, its perfect.