A Stroll Through Stari Grad, Croatia


Stari Grad is a place unlike any other. Sitting on the island of Hvar in Croatia hides one of the oldest villages in Europe.  Named ΦAPOΣ by Greek explorers in 300BC, Stari Grad is right out of Greek mythology. Take a stroll with us through Stari Grad, and let us show you some of our discoveries in this ancient seaside village.

To Do:

Get lost in the cobblestone alleyways

The slightly crumbling stone walls, and the slick cobblestones below are some of the things that reveal Stari Grad's age.  This tiny old town is so well preserved it will make you feel as if you have walked back in time. Grab your camera and take off into this beautiful maze.

Painted windows add a splash of color to the stone buildings.

Palm trees and plants grow everywhere throughout the city.


Take a promenade sunset stroll

At night Stari Grad shows another dreamy side as the lights come on and illuminate the buildings in a magical way.

For the best view of the sunset head to the promenade. Once you are there you will see little stalls selling things like jewelry and gelato. Grab a cone to enjoy as you walk along the row of sailboats as the sky puts on a show.

To Eat:

Antika House of Food

Ul. Srinjo Kola 34, 

This funky little restaurant was one of our favorite spots in the old city. The decor is quirky and the vibe is cozy. You can pick to either sit upstairs on the bohemian style terrace, downstairs by the bar or outside in the cute little square. The bar here has some great cocktails!

The menus are on wooden paddles and plants are places in various pots around the restaurant adding to the charm of the place.

The outside seating area

The outside seating area

TIP: Keep your eyes peeled for Romeo, the owner's dog, he's loves cruising around the restaurant meeting everyone and occasionally scoring a bite or two.

Konoba Batana

Vagonj 25,

Some of the most delicious food in the old town can be found here at Konoba Batana. With great wine and an impressive menu dinner at Konoba Batana is something you won't forget. There is an open kitchen where you can watch the chef cook with some of the freshest ingredients around.

TIP: Try the homemade pasta with truffles! It's to die for. 
Inside seating

Inside seating

To Drink:


Along the promenade

Okay, how cute is this wine shop? Walk along the promenade until you find Vino. Head inside for a glass or a whole bottle. Ask the bartender for a recommendation for a local wine. We were surprised at how good the Croatian wines were.

We grabbed a couple bottles and had some appetizers on our sailboat which was conveniently parked right across the street.

If you are ever traveling to Croatia make sure to book a night or two in Stari Grad. We fell in love with this ancient little town and can't wait to go back one day.