Sailing the French Riviera

The best way to experience the French Riviera is from the water. Luckily for us Angela's parents Jeff and Rhonda love to sail. We tagged along on their chartered sailboat and hopped from harbor to harbor seeing all that the Cote d'Azur had to offer.


When traveling to this area you will most likely start in Nice. With it's perfect beach side promenade, lively markets, and old charming streets, Nice is one of the cutest cities in France.

Our boat La Grand Dame anchored in Ville Franche

Our boat La Grand Dame anchored in Ville Franche

TIP: Spend the evening in Ville Franche de Mer. Only a 20 minute cab drive away, Ville Franche is a picturesque seaside village. It's the perfect little getaway from Nice for a romantic dinner.


A mix of people and boats, in a beautiful seaside setting make Saint-Tropez is one of the sexiest towns on earth. Mega yachts line the promenade and tourists come to take photographs and admire. The nightlife is famous on this tiny coastal town. Expect premium prices, and if you have been waiting to bust out your white linen suit; this is your time to shine.


Menton is one of the most colorful beach towns in the French Riviera. The speckled buildings and different colored alleyways make it a picture perfect Mediterranean town. Not to mention their market is one of the best around!


With a cool yachting scene Antibes is a lively little town in the French Riviera. Picture seeing luxury yaughts moored in a marina with an ancient fort and ramparts surrounding.


TIP: When staying in Antibes make sure go the Absinthe Bar. Here absinthe is served the traditional way in a glass with a silver spoon and a sugar cube on top. When entering this place make sure to grab a headdress, or funny hat from the wall, soon you will notice everyone is wearing them and once the live music starts swapping hats is inevitable.


Home to the famous film festival, Cannes is glitzy and gorgeous. Feel like a celebrity as you walk around the shopping district and marvel at the giant yachts in the marina.


TIP: Eat dinner at Le Salon des Independants up the hill. One of the best meals of the trip. The owner treats you like family and if you are lucky he will come out and sing a few songs with his guitar. The food was fantastic and it was a night we will never forget.


One of the tiniest countries in the world, Monaco is home to the Grand Prix motor race which happens in the streets once a year and the glamorous Monte Carlo casino. This little country is only 2 sq kilometers.