The heart of France and a city for lovers, Paris is one of the biggest travel destinations in the world.  It’s extraordinary museums and stunning monuments make Paris a city everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.  Although we only had four short days in Paris we saw as much as we could.  You could easily spend a couple of weeks in the many museums, and a week in the Louvre alone.  Our entire time in Paris it rained off-and-on. I (Ang) thought this made the city more romantic and we strolled along the Seine in our rain jackets anyways.  We visited the breathtaking Palace of Versailles and learned about the abolition of the French monarchy in the French Revolution, which was very different than what we just learned in London about the English Civil War.  Two ancient monarchies that ended with very different results. We went to the Lourve and fought the tour groups to catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa but we found the other art and sculptures in the museum just as remarkable.  Jeff especially liked the Ancient Egyptian section filled with old mummy sarcophaguses.  Although the museums were great nothing compared to the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower standing at 1,063 feet tall.  We went to the Eiffel Tower every night to watch it sparkle; it really is one of the most incredible things either of us had ever seen.  We had a bad experience with some pick pocketer’s on our way to the Eiffel one night.  Pick pocketing is an ongoing issue in Paris and for good reason! They were everywhere.  A group of teenagers distracted us and unzipped my purse, stole my wallet and took off.  Thankfully I discovered the missing wallet immediately and we were able to chase the thieves down and get the wallet back. Phew! We definitely got lucky and learned a valuable lesson of keeping a better hold of our belongings.  The food in France has lived up to our high expectations; we have had some unforgettable meals.  The hustle and bustle of Paris has worn us out and we are ready for some much deserved R & R in the French Riviera.  Now on to our next stop.