Dining at Faviken

Awhile ago Ang’s sister, Jacy asked Jeff if he could eat anywhere in the world where would it be. Jeff answered, Faviken. When our wedding came up last September we were thrilled when Jacy gifted us dinner for two at Faviken! Best wedding present ever. We were so excited and looked up reservations right away. We lucked out because the next round of reservation slots were about to open up. When the reservations opened up we saw that there was avalibility for dinner for two and a double room on the property for the night on Thursday April 6th. The reservations were filling up fast so we had to make a decision quick. We decided to go for it. So we booked two non-refundable spots at dinner, a double room with two twin beds, and breakfast the next morning. We had the reservations so now had to plan a trip to Europe and figure out how to travel north close to the Artic Circle to Faviken. After some planning, a couple of flights and a 2 hour taxi ride we made it Are, Sweden and finally to Faviken for the dinner of a lifetime.


Arriving to Faviken

We made it! As we pulled up to the property we were greeted with a smile. From this moment on the service was increible until we left the next morning. The friendly host who ended up being the sommelier took care of us the entire night. Our every need was taken care of and we were made to feel right at home.


This beautiful red farmstyle building contains the restaurant, kitchen, guest rooms, and sauna. The huge window into the kitchen allows you to peek inside and see the chefs at work preparing dinner. Everyone who works the chefs, hosts, servers, the sommeliers all multiple roles throughout the day so you get a chance to interact with a lot of the staff. They were all so attentive and friendly. We felt they really wanted us to have an incredible time and tried to get to know us personally which made this experience that much better.


Checking in

We got a quick tour of the property and then were shown our room.


We loved being able to stay on the property. The farm style decor and design in the barn were cozy and it was nice to be able to sleep steps away from the restaurant. There were furs and blankets all over which made us want to come back in the middle of winter.

IMG_9103 2.jpg

Once we got settled into our room we headed to the sauna to unwind before dinner. There was local moose sausage, charcuterie, cider, beer, and wine for us to enjoy while using the sauna. This was so much fun! We loved sitting inside the warm sauna and looking out to the Swedish wilderness beyond.


Dinner is Served

After the sauna we got ready for dinner. When we entered the restaurant we greeted abd then escorted to two seats near the fire. We were asked if we wanted the wine pairing along with dinner, which we immediately answered YES! We were poured a glass of champagne to start what would be the most incredible meal of our life.


Everyone started to arrive and the bottom floor of the restaurant filled up with apx 15 guests. Some sat at a long farm table and others on couches and small chairs around the room. Then it began. Every course was timed perfectly. When all the dishes were delievered the hostess/chef would clap their hands twice to get everyone’s attention and then they would describe the dish and explain the best way to eat it.


Then the courses just kept coming. The most intracite and exciting food we’ve ever tasted. Things like eggs covered in ash, bone marrow pudding, giant clams, local porridge and scallops cooked over juniper branches. Every ingredient is locally sourced to the extreme and most ingredients come from right here on the property.


After a couple smaller appetizer courses we were moved into the upper room to the remainder of the meal. The dark lighting and ambiance in the dining room made us feel like we were eating in barn house in the middle of Sweden, which we were!


Our favorite dish of the night was the King Crab with almost burnt cream. (Pictured below) It was simple and perfectly excecuted and one of the best bites of food we’ve ever had.


One of the highlights was the butter which has hand churned and sat on a hot stone. It was smeared over homemade bread and melted in your mouth. We couldn’t get enough.

After the first 15 courses things slow down with the last 15. Wine is poured freely throughout the evening and we had extra glasses of the orange natural wine that came with the giant clam dish. Ben, our sommelier was wonderful, he was super knowledgeable about all the different wines and poured us some amazing glasses.


Another amazing part of the meal was how interactive the chefs were with the guests. They all served us at different times, cooked in front of us, and explained the dishes. It was incredible to see the teamwork between the entire staff throughout the night. It was a flawlessly executed dinner!


After the 30th course we were escorted back downstairs to our seats by the fire.

After Dinner Delights

Seated back by the fire we were feeling full and happy. We just had the most incredible meal and plenty of wine. What was next? Was there more? There definitely was. After we got comfortable the staff brought out a wooden box filled with homemade treats like nougats, caramels, candies, and dried fruit. We were offered more wine, coffee and were able to try some homemade egg nogs. Then we were brought a box of Chef Magnus’ homemade snuff which has been fermented in bitters barrels. It’s a traditional after a meal in this area to take a snuff. We both were daring enough to try it and it actually wasn’t that bad.


After sitting around the fire inside the restaurant we asked for a tour of the root cellar. The head chef took us outside and we climbed through the little wooden door and stepped into the tiny root cellar. Different jars adored the shelves labeled with different vegetable. This root cellar helps preserve ingredients over the winter months by using natural fermenation processes. Next we headed into the butcher room and saw the hanging meats. We loved getting a behind the scenes peek at where some of the magical food is created.


After our tour we headed into the teepee where a bonfire had been lit. We sat with other guests, sipped on lingonberry Negronis, puffed on fancy cigars and told stories around the fire. The perfect ending to a perfect evening. After the fire went out we stumbled upstairs to our room and fell onto our beds and slept with full bellies under fur blankets.


When we woke up the next morning we hustled back down to the dining room for breakfast. The coffee was strong and basically everything served at breakfast was made on the farm. We had more of the delicious butter, homemade local jams, and farm fresh eggs. The presentation was gorgeous and was a great final experience before we had to leave.


Goodbye & Thank You

After less than 24 hours our time at Faviken came to an end. We packed up our bag and were given a goodie bag with some treats for the journey. We just heard that Chef Magnus is leaving Faviken and this will be his final season. We feel extremely lucky that we were able to come to Faviken and have this once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Faviken for making us feel right at home and sharing your incredible food with us.


Dining at Faviken in Are, Sweden was one of the best experiences of our life.